Tuesday, February 9, 2010

... Okay 3, 2, 1 Let's Jam. Quicksilver, Ruby and Mac OSX

QuickSilver is an application launcher for Mac OS that is very popular productivity enhancer. It's extensible through a ton of plugins. But it also allows people to launch custom scripts, which allow people to quickly script any action they commonly perform. I first saw the possibilities when I read this article. Some of those scripts were quite useless to me, but there are a few I end up using all the time. Like shortcuts to turn my wireless radio off when Im not online and wanna save power. So this is about 3 QuickSilver scripts I recently wrote

Initially I wrote a few of them in applescript, but when I wanted to write the script to "automatically pastie my code", I decided it would be easier to use a language I'm more comfortable with. I found a ruby-applescript bridge, so I decided to go with ruby. The bridge is obtained by installing the rb-appscript gem. You can find on these scripts on Github at http://github.com/pathsny/QuickSilver

I also attempted a "maximise" script based on this article. Sadly it just doesn't work :/. It's always incredibly slow the first time you launch it.

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